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 With over 25 years of experience SULPHURNET is at the forefront providing process engineering and separation solutions for the Chemical Process Industry. SULPHURNET brings together the knowledge of process engineering, filtration technology and outstanding skills in mechanical engineering, offering successful process solutions. Our solutions are designed for application-specific needs, to meet all process performance requirements by our clients.

From the first contact throughout production and delivery to after-sales support, SULPHURNET clients benefit from an unrivalled combination of application knowledge, process expertise and after-sales service.

SULPHURNET is your world-leading developer and supplier of complete solid/liquid separation solutions.


SULPHURNET is committed helping you...

  • Reduce production costs.
  • Improve product quality, value and consistency.
  • Improve safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance.
  • Improve product yields.

The world has changed

Sulphurnet was founded after a simple observation that the world has changed. So many new developments were available, and the industry simply did not keep up with these ideas. The design of the process was decades-old. We concluded that the old technology was outdated and we had to rethink the best way to introduce these new solutions to our customers. Most of our clients were using old, so called “proven” technology, and we needed to convince them that things could be done differently. We decided to combine the latest technology and all the tools that are needed to deliver a complete filtration process with turnkey service to make this transition painless.

Unique Filter Design Process

Sulphurnet brings together knowledge of filter media, filtration technology and outstanding skills in mechanical engineering, creating solutions where hardware and software work successfully together. The people behind the company are trained engineers who offer professional advice and support for you. We can do it all: workshops to complete plants and everything in between.


Sulphurnet created an all-in-one design package solution that involves everything from the first kick-off meeting with the customer, to after-sales support after the completion of the project, and everything in-between. Sulphurnet is not just about filtration systems, it's about helping customers around the world reduce their production costs, improve their product quality and yields and improve their Safety, Health and Environmental performance.


When a sulphur purification plant was built with traditional methods, it was a massive investment in time and money.
This made it difficult to generate profit and wasted a lot of time and energy. Our design is meant to be “plug and play” and completely adaptable to the needs of your company and your objectives, with low initial CAPEX, within a fixed budget. Our
design is efficient and easy to use, which leads to a low OPEX as well.

The design is meant to be efficient, give high quality sulphurminimise sulphur losses and have an easy cake drop and cleaning. Flow is controlled at every moment by a VSD driven pump as well as the monitoring of filtration dP; this is done to ensure a proper filtration rate. The system will run the process with minimal losses of sulphur and with maximum quality. 



The use of modules allows us to upscale the system if required; this gives the user the freedom to increase the production with the introduction of new modules.

The units also allow further optional improvements, like the introduction of a polishing filter, particles analysers and an additional filtration unit. On request, we can adapt other equipment such as solid handling or liquid sulphur storage tank.


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